PT. Wahana Wijaya Wisesa began operations in 2009 as an international freight forwarding services, especially for services door to door. After 8 years, because many new business opportunities are explored, we are expanding our services and operations. Web w3 cargo is the means that we have built for our customers to easily contact us.

With an efficient management team and responsible and also supported by our leading agents. PT. Wahana Wijaya Wisesa can now handle shipments to and from all over the world. In order to remain competitive in the shipping and freight forwarding, our emphasis on speed and reliable service to meet the requirements into account from our customers. With an employee raises a trained, experienced and friendly, the quality of our service is SAFE and GUARANTEED.

Shipping Consultants and Import Consolidation For You

We see every transaction as relations are equally important in building long-term relationships with our customers.

With PT. Wahana Wijaya Wisesa, you benefit from a consistent approach, focus on your expectations and develop solutions that integrate with the way your business operations.



Forwarder Most Reliable and first choice to be a long-term partnership.

PT. Wahana Wijaya Wisesa promotes fairness and responsibility to our customers. In order to build a long-term relationship.

PT. Wahana Wijaya Wisesa expand the business scope, not only offers shipping and freight forwarding services, starting from the activities of shipping, trucking, logistics, warehousing, customs clearance, but the most important thing that customers can trust PT. Wahana Wijaya Wisesa as their business consultants to support all shipping and any requirement for business customers.

Freight Forwarding Company Being a professional, competent, and reliable.

Becoming an international freight service customers reliable choice.

Being a company that has competitive edge in business Expedition (freight forwarder).



Customer Satisfaction

Increase market share

Build latest expedition of information systems to support business operations

Offering security, fastest service, save costs, and staff were friendly.

Providing care delivery services to the needs of customers with quality and decent prices.

Shipping Company Being a superior and leading companies in the field of Freight & Forwarders.

Provide competitive services in the field of business Expedition (Custom Clearence Trucking & Delivery) for Customer / Company.

Increase the value of the company that built through creativity, innovation and human resources competition.

Placing our customers and suppliers as a "business partner" to work together to achieve maximum growth while upholding business ethics.

Developing and maintaining a network of partners who are long-term oriented to build a service system that has a maximum value to customers.