Your Best, Reliable and Professional Services

As one of the international freight forwarding company in Indonesia, W-III Cargo constantly strive to provide the best service to every customer.

With experience more than 8 years our company has been a partner of hundreds of customer that entrust their freight shipments, including international companies, exporters, importers, wholesalers, retailers, private individuals and online stores.

Here are the professional services that we have.


Customs Clearance & Handling

PT Wahana Wijaya Wisesa provide PPJK services (Customs Clearance Services) to conduct maintenance of the fulfillment of customs obligations and government administration (Document Clearance).

We also serve the administrative services Custom Clearance for shipping by sea and air in a shorter time and supported by our professional personnel.

We manage the negotiations at the customs office for document handling export and import goods at competitive prices and quick service on the fabric of good cooperation with the relevant section.

Trust W-III Cargo for shipping administration - expenditures to - from the port of loading or unloading, as customs clearance solution for your business.


Door To Door Service

We serve the ordering of goods from supplier pickup address, to delivery into the hands of customers from various countries around the world.

W-III Cargo Full Container Load (FCL) and Less Container Load (LCL) and By Air Service provides flexibility and convenience for all customers to choose the services that suit their needs.

W-III Cargo manage the delivery of goods and documents to the destination address with efficient service and responsible.


Quantity Control

Entrusting checking the goods your order to conform to the specifications you provide.

Our professional staff will ensure the quantity of the goods you receive according to your message.


Goods Pickup

Special solutions for customers who have suppliers are constrained in sending goods to our warehouse.

W-III Cargo provides services pick-up of goods from a supplier.


Warehouse Service

W-III Cargo provides a receipt, storage, preparation, packing, measuring and weighing through our warehouse in several countries in the world. Please contact us to get the address of warehouse in the respective countries.

Use the services of W-III Cargo warehouse to avoid the situation of import taxes and duty fees were beyond expectations - retention of goods at customs, as well as the uncertainty on the shipment of goods.

Not to worry, W-III Cargo will continue to monitor each of your shipment to arrive in Indonesia.


Supplier Verification

To accommodate the convenience of transactions between customers with overseas suppliers in the W-III Cargo comes with a complete solution that includes; supplier selection consultancy - ordering goods - price negotiations - up payment of goods to the supplier.

We understand the constraints faced by the customer in verifying the identity of the supplier. For the W-III Cargo is present to provide a sense of security in the process of dealing with the supplier.


Speed, Accuracy and Security Is Our Top Priority



You do not have to worry about losing items.

During the delivery process, each item obtain reliable security guarantees by insurance.


On time

The delivery time of goods from the country of origin, the clearance process to arrive at your destination with a precise timetable organized and efficient.


Competitive rates

A very competitive cost and flexible for any commodity goods. Costs that we used to compete with other cargo services.

Special price for the goods with quantity above 5 CBM for ocean shipping and 100 Kgs for air shipments.


All In

You pay the service charges already include the cost of freight, transhipment costs, import duties (VAT, Income Tax, CUSTOMS, etc.), undername, shipping to an address in Jakarta, and other costs associated with your shipment.

Cost pickup from a supplier and insurance costs will we adjust to your needs.


Import from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Bangkok, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, USA, Canada, Germany, France and other Europe Country

to Jakarta - Indonesia


By Sea

With an attractive price make you do not have to worry about the high costs

FCL (Full Container Load) - Transportation using container unit size D20, D40 feet or more

LCL (Less than Container Load) - Transporting goods using container in konsulidasi

Breakbulk Cargo - Transportation of goods that do not wear container

Project Cargo - Transporting goods over the dimensions and require heavy equipment lift equipment

Vessel Charter - Transportation to hire and use of the ship itself well by trip (Voyage Charter) or the length of time (Time Charter)


By Air

Transportation of goods and fast delivery through the air.

The right choice for fashion commodities, samples and other commodities that require fast time to arrive at your place.